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There are some factors that we have to consider when investing in property. The age-old adage, “Location, Location, Location”, remains relevant as one of the most important factors we need to consider for a profitable investment.

In Property Investment, a strategic location is one with all the advantages such as Accessibility, Living Convenience and Job Opportunities. Over time, with all these 3 factors in place, commercial activities and population will grow and property value will grow in tandem too. 


This is the first criteria to consider when choosing a property for investment, Do a location study with Google Maps or Wikimapia to see if the location has easy connections to PUBLIC TRANSPORT & ROAD NETWORKS.

The greater the connection to roads and public transport, the better. High accessibility connects people & businesses.

Below is a simple mapping to show the ACCESSIBILITY for Vetro 11.

VETRO 11 is situated alongside of Jalan Penampang with MAINROAD access. Connecting Jalan Mat Saleh between KK City & Sembulan. With this point alone, the property price overtime will shoot up like no brainer. 💣


JOBS stimulate spending power & boost the economy. This leads TRAFFIC & POPULATION GROWTH. Its all about SUPPLY-DEMAND Relationship. I repeat. SUPPLY & DEMAND!

When a location has better job opportunities with higher earning more people will move to that specific location. As we cannot create more land, people moving to a specific location triggers a bigger demand for living space.

Make sense?

VETRO 11 is near to Hospital QE1, Menara PETRONAS office, UTC JKR, Sabah State Health Department, LHDN, Jabatan Tanah, Kinabalu High Court, Ministry of Rural Department. etc

simply because of the HIGHER WAGES, SPENDING POWER, most importantly POPULATION DENSITY around— creates constant demand. 

Don’t you think the rental return will be better??

I’ll leave that for you to think.


This refers to the effort-and-time saving amenities that make our daily lives easier. Daily needs like Foods & Groceries. Wide and nearer options are better.

This explains why a mixed development with proper management is a good choice for RENTAL INVESTMENT.

VETRO 11 has 5 lots of retail shop on the ground floor. How convenient is that? To have CONVENIENT STORE, RESTAURANTS, LAUNDRY SHOP just down the elevator of your condo. Better yet A HOSPITAL just few minutes walk.

Investment locations will have added value if they are near to recreation (jogging parks, playgrounds,etc) and education facilities (universities, colleges, schools, etc)

Which is a plus for Vetro 11 because Ujana Rimba Tropika Jogging Park, Institut Pendidikan Gaya Kampus, Sanzac Secondary School, Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Gaya & University College Sabah Foundation is just close by.

Property Investment is all about thinking LONG TERM. With the 3 most highlighted opportunities that create the future demand promotes the ACQUISITION VALUE of the property. That is what all investors would want. A BETTER EXIT. 

So, Price Vs. Value? 

I will leave the choices up to you. Be the smart investor!

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